Searching for the Shake!

Nearly impossible to find in NYC , the Shamrock Shake, like the McRib, has inspired a cult-like following. In the days leading up to March 1 you hear rumblings of sightings all around the country but in New York it seems like the past couple of years it has all been a myth. Myths begone because as of this morning the green machine had been sighted at nearly a dozen McDonald’s all around the city from the Upper West Side to the Lower East Side.

My last sweet taste was nearly four years ago at a McDonald’s in Park City, Utah as I headed to the airport moving to the glorious city I now call home…New York. Unfortunately the shake left a lot to be desired and I hopped on the plane wondering how it all could have gone so wrong. As a child the Shamrock Shake of my youth had this  amazingly creamy texture and deliciously minty flavor that elicited so much joy and happiness.

I yearn for the shake of my youth, the one that I remember as a wee little tot! This weekend I will be on the hunt and hope it all works out. But if it all goes downhill like it did with my McRib meltdown, well then McDonald’s…. you and I are parting ways for good. Fingers crossed it doesn’t come to that…because let’s face it- sometimes all you really want is a Big Mac here and there :)

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One response to “Searching for the Shake!

  1. Lil Sis

    i just heard about this craze from a friend… never even knew there was this secret shake. sean loves mint/choc chip everything — so i guess it’ll be my mission to find one of these this weekend!

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